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  • I am a recent contributor to the Access Developers' Forum.


    As I can’t attach "png" screen shots to show you, I'll do my best to describe my suggestions. 


    I am a member of the Avira Antivirus Forums. Their home page is:


    Their forums have some great editing tools.

    While editing, a user can select any of the following from a toolbar above the editing window:


    Font Family, Size and Colour; Bold, Italics, Underline, Strike Through; Left-, Centre-, Right-, or Full-Justification, Bullets or Numbered Paragraphs, Undo, Redo; Insert Link, Remove Link; Insert Image, Insert quotes, Insert Quotation, Insert Code, PHP Source Code, MySQL Queries.


    For fun - and I think these do lighten up conversations - a collection of 28 smileys and symbols.  These are great for indicating mood:  happy, confused, annoyed, exclamation, question, etc.  It adds a touch of informality, which I like.


    However, the best features of their forums are the SUBMIT, PREVIEW and RESET buttons.  The PREVIEW button is great because I can preview and adjust before I SUBMIT.  In contrast, quite a few times, I’ve submitted to the Microsoft Forums and the text has not appeared with, for example, the line-spacing that I drafted – double-line spacing has turned into single-line spacing and the font and font size I paste in are just ignored, making the text small (not so good for the visually impaired).  At one stage, the Forums website (Microsoft) asked me to install an Internet Explorer Add-In, I assume to control what I’ve been pasting in, and since that time, whatever font I paste in, it is always very small – neat, but very small. 


    I think anyone can sign up to the Avira Forums:  So please take a look and see how all these tools get used in practice.  I think they create a very pleasant user experience.  There’s no need to be so fuddy-duddy these days! 


    I have a few technical niggles with the Microsoft Forums (text turning into gobbledegook) but I’ll report those to the bugs contact page.




    Monday, June 21, 2010 8:34 PM