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    Hello all... I have owned Vista Ultimate 64 since about it came out.  It is installed on a custom machine that I built.  About 2 months ago I subscribed to OneCare.  My computer has been on a rampage of BSOD's for a long time and I had always assumed they were due to my Creative X-Fi card but the all knowing 'Problem Reports and Solutions' box informs me the last couple were caused by my antivirus software (OneCare).  OneCare is the only program installed on my machine so that must be what it is talking about.


    Also I built the exact same machine for my brother the only difference being the X-Fi card and OneCare installation and his does not crash at all....  So that narrows it down for me Big Smile.  The stop codes are always different.


    Also to my knowledge all drivers are up to date and current.


    My question is that is there an easy way to see exactly what is causing these BSOD's?  I've tried everything I can do short of professional debugging which I am too lazy to do... I am also a poor college student so paying for Windows support is not my first option either... Especially when it is two microsoft products clashing Wink.


    When all else fails I might do a reformat, but I am on satellite and the FAP kills that idea.


    My Hardware:


    Asus M2N32 Sli Delux

    AMD 4200+

    2 Gig DDR2 Corsair Ram

    NVidia 9800 GTX

    4 Western Digital Sata HD's

    Creative X-Fi Platinum

    850 Watt BFG PSU

    Saturday, July 5, 2008 8:43 PM


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