packet moditification for specific url/ domain interception RRS feed

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  • Good day  forum.

    I writing  a packet modification for specific  url/ domain interception and redirect  with Windivert (https://github.com/basil00/Divert)

    What is want to achieve is this : Working with Windivert (https://github.com/basil00/Divert)
     show a packet be sent  from any  back listed  domain address, i want such  packets to be
     intercepted and redirected  to another DNS server.

    This part of the  code

     typedef struct
        char *domain;
        char *uri;
    } URL, *PURL;
    typedef struct
        UINT size;
        UINT length;
        PURL *urls;

    My questions  is this how  do i set up (BLACKLIST) and  modify the  code to intercept specific URL in the
     And finally be redirected to another DNS servier which is
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