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    Many times I find it very difficult to direct a member to a particular post that answers the members question. The target post may be in the middle of an existing and very long thread.

    You can tell them to "see the post from <foo> in the following thread" but <foo> may have posted several times in that thread. You could say "see the 5th post from <foo> in the following thread" but this would be equally ambiguous.

    There is a convoluted workaround, you can go to <foo's> profile and locate the link to the actual target post in his Recent Activity list, and copy/paste that link, but, since this list only contains a finite number of posts, the link to the target post may not be available. Unless I'm missing something, this is the only way to obtain the direct URL for a particular post.

    This usually ends up creating a lot of duplication.

    I have noticed that many other online forums include a 'Permalink' placed at the top/right corner of every post. This is a link to that exact post. Here is an example of the Permalink to post number 9 in a thread on another online forum. (permalink)

    Since the URL for each post on our forums is already captured and placed in each members Recent Activity, it would seem that this could also be attached to each post in a similar way.


    Ronnie Vernon MVP


    Monday, March 29, 2010 7:04 PM

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