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  • In the discussion groups for ‘csharplanguage’ and ‘Vsexpressvcs’, visited links look different than non-clicked-on links, but in some discussion groups (Visual C# General Discussion Group, as well as all Office Development Discussion Groups) all links look the same, whether they have been clicked or not.  This is VERY hard to read.  My eyesight is not great, and that makes it much worse.  Why does Microsoft do this, and more importantly, is there a way to get all discussion groups rendering links consistently, so visited links actually DO look different than non-clicked-on links? 

    This must be controlled on the Microsoft servers.  Let's say I'm on my office machine and I click on 10 links here:

    When I get back home, I log into the discussion group, and I can tell, on my home machine, that I have already read those 10 links (in my office).  I have not yet read the links that are still bold.  Does it make sense?

    This is a really nice feature on some of the discussion groups, but clearly it does not extend to all discussion groups.  I like this feature because I read through as many posts as I have time for, both at home, and when things are slow, in the office.  I know instantly which links I have read already, and which I have not read.  I like to offer suggestions to as many posters as I can, and I feel I have learned a tremendous amount from other people's posts (questions and answers).  What I don't like is to re-read a post that I have already read.

    Microsoft, please address the shortcoming I have described above!!!

    Again, this problems exists within the Visual C# General Discussion Group, as well as all Office Development Discussion Groups, and some other Discussion Groups as well.  These two links (below) are great examples of how the links should work:

    Ryan Shuell

    Tuesday, January 22, 2013 4:40 PM


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