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  • My company is asking IT to automate a large part of thier customer service.  They have processes that run multi-year.  In order to track these we created a custom entity called a Progression (because workflow was already taken.)  We created a 1-Many relationship between the Progression and each type of activity.  We also created a topic on each activity.  This allows us to tie the activity to a progression and identify which step it is trying to achieve.  Then we take into account the status of the activity (Complete or Cancelled) and the result (Success or Failed).  This tells the progression whether to create a new activity for the next step or re-create an activity for the current step. 

    The process goes like this:
    1.  A progression is started.  It runs a workflow to create the first phone call activity with the approrpiate Topic.
    2.  The user tries to call the client.  The user failed to achieve the goal of step 1. The user sets the result to failed and saves the activity as complete.  A workflow runs and sees the activity is associated with a progression and the progression is on the 1st step.  The workflow sees the step failed and creates a new phone call activity due 3 days in the future, with the Step 1 Topic.
    3.  The user tries to call the client.  The user succeeded in achieving the goal of step 1.  The user sets the result to succeeded and saves the activity as complete.  A workflow runs and sees the activity is associated with a progression and the progression is on the 1st step.  It updates the progression with the appropriate information.  The workflow creates a new phone call activity 13 weeks (3 months) in the future for step 2.
    4.  This process is repeated until the progression is completed.

    We have all this designed, but my company wants the ability to decide the activity types on the fly.  So I need to design a custom dialog box similiar to the one that pops up when you click on the New Activity button.  My dialog box would state the next step and the suggested next activity type.  In adition, it will have the ability to hide or show each activity type in case some activities shouldn't be offered.  It should also offer the options of cancelling the progression or leaving the current activity open instead of completing it.  The idea is that this dialog would open upon saving an activity as complete.  I would like to have it so that I can call it as a Javascript function that would display the dialog and return the selected option. 

    I am not looking for someone to write this, I am just looking for a method to implement the dialog box.  I have looked at a dialog box completely written in Javascript, but that didn't look promising.  I have looked into the idea of an ISV custom webpage, but I cannot find an example or walkthrough or documentation.  If anyone can point me in the right area, I would appreciate it.
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    Tuesday, December 15, 2009 6:47 PM


  • Hi Timothy,

    If you already have a dialog box completely written in JavaScript then you might wanna change it to an ASP.Net based dialog box, it should not be a much trouble. If you have specific question on creating ISV Csutom webpage, please feel free to write me back.
    Tuesday, December 22, 2009 5:30 AM

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