Subscriber can't access Internet or open Live OneCare to get help - using MAC during family emergency RRS feed

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  • I'm sitting in my dying father's hospital room typing this on a MAC powerbook because my Windows Laptop will not work.  I purchased a Live One Care annual subscription but my I can't get online on my Windows PC and/or open Windows Live One Care to find the support number.

    My Windows Laptop uses automatic updates and was turned on and accessing the internet via a wireless.  Suddenly, I'm getting an error that says "Live One Care cannot Open - click here for support".  However, clicking on support does nothing. I can't even open the Network and Security Center.

    I've seen an error about "restarting windows firewall", but attempting to restart the firewall freezes the computer.

    Obviously, I need HELP as I'm trying to attend to my Father and figure out what in the world has happened to my Windows Laptop.

    Can anyone tell me where to call to get help .... I do have my Windows Live OneCare Account number available.

    Stressfully, A Subscriber

    Thursday, April 17, 2008 6:56 PM