I lost the sync on the second PC when I removed the sync from the Live Desktop, now I can't get it back anywhere. RRS feed

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  • I set up my photos folder to sync with Mesh (running Windows Vista) and found that it was a bit too large for the Live Desktop (it is nearly 36 Gig) and very shortly that was full. I added my second PC (running Windows 7 on an old PC) so that the pictures would be backed up to that machine, in case the aging drive on this one finally gave out on me, and will be adding my laptop later so that pictures taken on trips will be synced while I am on the road. This was my plan.

    On the second PC, the data drive isn’t the main drive, so when I started this process I changed the folder location to a folder on my D:\ drive. Everything worked great! I left for a while as I could see this wasn’t going to finish anytime soon. It backed up a couple gig worth of my photos. It needed more time. I thought I would play a game for a while and started it up. Silly me. Trying to run an online game while transferring gigs of data through the network. So my game is running and I figure the quickest way to stop the sync is to shut off the other PC, figuring the sync would resume on booting back up. I finish playing and shut off the game, and start up the other PC. While it is booting I realize that I can change the sync settings for Live Desktop, so that it isn’t full with only some of the files there. I tell Mesh to ‘Never sync’ to the Live Desktop. I check back on the Live Desktop and the folder is there but there are no files in it anymore. Great! Now it isn’t full and I can use it for something else in the future!

    Of course, now the second PC comes up. I check on it and there is no sync set up there anymore. On that system, in Mesh, I click on Folders and I see the photos folder syncing to the C:\ drive instead of where I told it to before. I don’t want that drive used as it only has about 10 Gig free. I went back in to change the destination to the D:\ drive like before, but now I get a message:

    Could not synchronize folder in Live Mesh.
    Request to MOE failed with status code:
    404 Server could not find the specified resource.

    So I panicked (just a little, nothing was lost, it was just going to fill my system drive to the brink) and shut off Mesh, deleted the folder on the C:\ drive and restarted Mesh. Now it still won’t let me change the folder to the D:\ drive (with that same error above) but I get the added benefit of it not syncing with my C:\ drive either.

    Back on the system that has all the photos on it I notice that Mesh is set to sync back to the Live Desktop again, and it is currently busily sending data back there, even though I turned that part off (now I have turned off the sync to Live Desktop again but it is still sending data there).

    Does anyone know how I can get it to stop syncing this 36 Gig file with the Live Desktop and get it to start syncing to the correct folder on my second PC? If I can get that working I will set up the laptop finally and be where I want to be. And I won’t try playing online games while syncing anymore!

    Sunday, October 25, 2009 9:32 PM


  • I think that the problem may have been caused by changing the sync settings while it was still in process. That's just a guess and would seem to be a bug, so I suggest filing one to begin with.

    How to Submit Bugs and Live Mesh Logs

    Note that you probably won't get a response to the bug report, though. It will be transferred to the internal system to be assigned to the appropriate development group.

    Now, to your issue.

    Here's my suggestion for how to proceed.
    1. Remove the folder from Live Mesh on all PCs and from the Live Desktop, changing it to a normal Windows folder.
    2. Manually copy all files from PC#1 to PC#2 and PC#3 on your local network so that all three locations are exactly the same.
    3. Add the folder to Live Mesh on PC#1
    4. Do not yet accept the folder on PC#2 and PC#3
    5. Change the Sync settings to not sync that folder with the Live Desktop
    6. Accept the Live Mesh folder on the other PCs and use the browse button to have the folders sync to the exact copy you already have on each PC and click through the merge prompt.

    Live Mesh should scan the folder and find that all files are now the same and no conflicts should occur and no data will be transferred.

    The reason I suggest the manual copy first is that it is much faster than waiting for a large number of files and several Gigs of data to transfer via Live Mesh - it can take days!

    One other note - Live Mesh is a beta, so I'd also suggest that you backup the folder and its contents *before* adding it to the Mesh and periodically thereafter. While data loss is rare... better safe than sorry.


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    Monday, October 26, 2009 1:31 AM