Network Time Sync Not working behind router unless using administrative terminal w32tm /resync RRS feed

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  • My internet time sync has not worked for over 2 weeks. I get a 'timed out' on my applet that lets me tell it to "sync now". This is win10. I have 3 win10 boxes, 1 pro and 2 home. All have this issue. If I bypass the router and go straight to the modem it works. Sounds like a router problem....right?? I have found that I can bring up an admin terminal and type w32tm /resync in that terminal and it will work FINE ... BEHIND the router. I am not a networking genius so I really don't understand WHY the normal win10 sync with the internet time only works if the router is bypassed BUT will work fine from the administrative terminal. Is there some kind of rights issue going on? Makes no sense to me. I would REALLY appreciate any help on this. Sure, I can pull up and admin terminal and type in the commands to do it manually every time I boot up. But why when it always did it automatically before?? All my win10 is affected the same. And the strange part is I have Linux boxes too and NONE of them have any issues in auto sync with the NTP time servers. Only the win10 and ALL of them.
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