Using OCS/Communicator 2007 as standalone soft phone with Mitel 3300 RRS feed

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  • We're trying to get OCS 2007 working with the Mitel 3300 (like a few other threads I've see)...here are some details:

    • Some of our users are using a Mitel IP phone, and we want Remote Call Control, so we're using Mitel's Live Business Gateway (LBG) to allow that level of integration.  We've been able to get this to work.
    • Some of our users will be using Communicator 2007 as a standalone soft phone client, with no Mitel IP phone in the picture. 
    • We are using Mitel's Advanced Voicemail option on the 3300, not Enterprise Voice.  I realize that we're technically using components of Enterprise Voice even though we're not using it for voicemail.
    • We're using UR5 of the Mitel 3300's 8.0 software.
    No one seemed to know it initially, but late in the game we discovered that an OCS Mediation Server was required for the second scenario above due to the translation required between the 3300 and Microsoft's use of RT Audio in OCS. 
    Where we're stuck is with the ability to get Communicator-only people to receive incoming calls.  At one point we were actually able to make outbound calls, but inbound calls to configured clients from internal Mitel IP phones or external phones don't work.
    Our vendor has even enlisted the help of a consultant that Mitel apparently uses frequently for OCS implementations like ours, and they're currently going in circles, although they've gotten us 90% there.
    If anyone actually has this kind of configuration working, we'd love to hear about it, and if there are any particular troubleshooting tips or known hazards, we're looking for anything that may help.
    Wednesday, September 10, 2008 8:48 PM