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    The idea of putting strict limitations to internet access (applications as well as browser surf) took me to the step of limiting web access for Microsoft applications alongside with other software that utilize update features or use web-based elements as a part of interface/functionality.

    So I'd like to ask if there's any available information on Microsoft 'offical IP address range', in other words and to be more precise - what is the range of IP addresses Windows Live Messenger may connect to in order to pass authorization and make use of all the features (including file transfer and voice/video communication)? Being familiar with the protocol used by Windows Live Messenger when connecting to its services, I'd also like to restrict its access to the specific address range. I've already tried the following known so far (as suggested in several threads found), but these are not sufficient: - - -

    If anyone knows the IP addresses ranges sufficient for Windows Live Messenger to utilize all its features, please reply.
    Thanks in advance
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