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  • A while ago, I deployed the hotfix (http://blog.misthos.com/2009/08/ocs-r2-caller-line-idname.html) to make the mediation server forward caller names.
    SIP traces confirm it is working, though depending on where the user is located that I call, the name of the caller is only shown when the call is in ringing state (subscribers on the Alcatel OXE), or also after the call has been connected (Cisco Call Manager).

    Looking at SIP traces on the mediation server I see something peculiar (for a call originating from a MOC and going to a subscriber on the other side of the SIP trunk)
    INVITE (Med => PBX, Display Name there)
    Trying (PBX => Med, Display Name there)
    Session Progress (PBX => Med, display name there)
    Ringing (PBX => Med, display name there)
    OK (PBX => Med, display name there)
    ... some traffic in between MED and OCS
    ACK (Med => PBX, no more display name)

    .. some more traffic between Med and OCS

    then the MOC ends the call..

    .. some traffic between med and OCS

    BYE (med => PBX, no display name).

    So, starting with the ACK, mediation server reverts to the old behavior. And as it so happens, the Alcatel PBX takes this as a sign to remove the caller name from the display, so as soon as the call is connected, you only have the number.

    Going the reverse way we have a similar problem - only that this time, the name is kept throughout the call on both sides of the mediation.. but MOC only shows the name in ringing state and not in connected state.

    Seems to me this hotfix is somewhat incomplete. I tend to think that in the outbound call scenario, the display name should be kept until the call has come to an end, and on the reverse way, MOC should show the caller name not only when ringing but also while the call is connected.

    Monday, October 19, 2009 12:20 PM

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  • Hi

    I agree with you, as MS introduced this fix because users asked for it, it could have been complete, especially for outbound call.
    For inbound call, the name displayed in MOC popup is in italic, MS said it is to distinguish between AD RNL and SIP name, call control window and recent contact should also keep this name.

    Wednesday, October 21, 2009 10:17 PM