Second Monitor intermittently goes blank when using VS2012 RRS feed

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  • When I have the main VS window open on my secondary monitor of a dual monitor setup, that monitor will intermittently go blank for a second or so.  This will happen once per minute or 10 times per minute. Sometimes it will stay blank until I move my mouse over onto that monitor. If I move the main window off of the secondary monitor, the symptoms stop. Most of the time, there is no problem. It starts randomly. It fixes for a while after a reboot. Just closing and reopening VS does not fix it.

    Leaving a floating window on the secondary monitor does not cause the effect, only the main window. I have not identified any other programs that have the same effect, only VS2012, but I have not tried very hard.

    This started about 6 weeks ago. I was having other problems with my computer like system updates that would not successfully apply, so I figured my OS had become corrupt and it was ready for its annual wipe/reinstall which I did last week. 

    It just started doing its flashing thing again this morning. 

    I have not yet applied the VS Update 1 to this install, but did on the other, the Update 1 seems to have no bearing on this.

    Help, this is really annoying!

    Edit: I tried something else; I just changed to make the Secondary Monitor the Primary Monitor, but otherwise left everything else the same. No joy. Even after a fresh reboot it is not doing it.

    Edit: Ok, now it seems to be doing it for most programs. pgAdminIII, MS Word, Chrome all cause the monitor to flash when they are placed on it. Move the windows off and the flashing stops. However, the VS floating windows are on the monitor without issue.

    - Brad

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