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  • I have recently taken the hard disk from one computer and installed it as the secondary drive in another due to hardware issues with it's original power system and mother board.


    The secondary drive has windows xp home (if I remember correctly) installed and ready to run and the master drive has XP professional installed.  Everything work and I can read and write to the secondary drive and see all the files in the drive as well... the issue that I have is that I cannot access the "My Documents" folder for the Administrator profile due it having been password protected (when I try to open that folder it give me a simple access denied error).


    The pickle that I am in is that I know the password, but I cannot run windows from that drive.  Is there a way to open Windows on both drives at the same time?  Can I exit the version of Windows that's on the primary and run windows from the secondary from DOS (I know how to run windown 3.1 from DOS, but that command didn't work)?


    I only need it so that I can turn off the password protection, move all the files from that drive to the primary, then I can wipe the secondary and use it as a storage medium... I just don't want to loose all the information from the secondary.


    Any help anyone could give me would be greatly appretiated.

    Thursday, November 22, 2007 11:04 AM

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