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  • Once again, though  I have never bought a counterfeit anything, I am faced with the need to replace my office suite that I have already paid for.  Last year it was my Windows and now it is my office. 
    Can hardly wait to see what MS makes me purchase next year at this time.  I am not computer literate so only bought from Dell what is on my computer.  Have been using it for years and suddenly nothing is valid.  I have no idea how to reinstall anything or to back up anything.  I am close to dumping the whole thing and getting an Apple, I haven't heard of the need to repurchase a new this or that every year from them.  So what happens in 4 days to my "non-genuine" Office program if I cannot afford to buy another "genuine" program that will probably be ruled "not genuine" next year?  My only programs came installed on my computer from Dell so I guess they ripped me off.
    Ever since I replaced my "not Genuine" Windows program with a "genuine" one, I have not been able to install upgrades because of some failure to have a MS1101.exe or something like that. It only cost $149 last year.  Looks like the cost of Office replacement is far more than I can afford, especially when I have to replace something else "not genuine" every year.
    YOu guys seem to forget some of us are just old people who were forced to use computers to keep up and have no idea all the ins and outs that you people know.  Can you tell me me simply what I have to do so that everything I struggled to do for the past 5 years doesn't suddenly disappear in 4 days.
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  • Hello mrwariner,

    The genuine Windows that was on your Dell Inspiron 6000 when it was shipped from Dell to you was replaced by a nongenuine installation of Windows.  The incident you experienced last year was the Windows Genuine Advantage program informing you of this situation.

    [It's too late to do anything about it now, but it's very likely that you did not have to purchase a new license for Windows XP last year.  If your Dell has a Certificate of Authenticity for Windows XP on the bottom, then your computer will always be licensed to run that version and edition of Windows.  In all probability, all that needed to be done was to reinstall the correctly licensed version and edition of Windows onto the computer.]

    It is very likely that the nongenuine Office that is being detected now was installed on the computer at the same time that the nongenuine Windows was installed.  In the time that you have owned your Dell, did you ever have the computer worked on by a shop, a repair person, or by a well-meaning family member or friend, maybe to help you repair a problem with viruses, malware, or some other computer glitch?  If so, then experience tells us that is a very common scenario for how computers like yours, that shipped from the manufacturer with genuine Windows, came to have nongenuine Windows and other nongenuine Microsoft software installed.

    The incident that you are experiencing now is the Office Genuine Advantage program informing you that the Office that is now installed on your Dell computer is a nongenuine copy.

    What to do now depends upon whether your Dell came from Dell with a full OEM license for Office preinstalled, or if it came with a Trial of Office, or if it came from Dell with no installation of Office at all.

    (a)  If it came from Dell with a full OEM license for Office, uninstalling the current bad copy of Office, and then putting your OEM copy of Office back onto the computer, will solve the nongenuine problem.  You would have received one or more hologrammed Microsoft Office installation discs as well as an Office Certificate of Authenticity from Dell if you purchased Office from them.

    (b)  If it came with a Trial of Office from Dell, then the question arrises, Did you purchase a license from Microsoft to convert the trial to a perpetually licensed product?  If so, uninstalling the current bad copy of Office, and installing Office with the correct perpetual product key, will solve the nongenuine problem.  Of course, if there was a Trial on the computer and you never purchased the license to convert the Trial, then you never puchased Office so just uninstalling the current bad copy would solve that problem.

    (c)  If it came with no installation of Office at all, then uninstalling the current bad copy of Office would solve the nongenuine problem.

    If you are not sure if your Dell came with a full OEM license for Office, you can check into it in one of several ways:

    (a)  Contact Dell customer service and ask them to look up your purchase records to see if you paid extra for the OEM license for Office.  If there is no specific line item charge for Office then you did not buy a license from Dell.

    (b)  Check you purchase paperwork and emails that you got from Dell.  If you purchased Office, there will be a line item that calls out the edition you purchased and the price paid.

    (c)  Look at the orginal configuration on the Dell website for your computer to see if there is a listing for the installation discs for Office, which Dell supplies when you buy an Office license from them.  Follow these steps:

    1.  Go to http://support.dell.com
    2.  Enter your computer's service tag number
    3.  Locate the Warranty Information links on the left side of the page
    4.  Click on the Warranty Status link
    5.  On the Warranty Information page, click the center tab "Original System Configuration"
    6.  Look for an entry that describes Office discs.  Here is an example:
    UN495 Kit, Software, MS Office Home and Student-2K7, English

    For great advice on all topics XP, visit http://www.annoyances.org/exec/forum/winxp
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