(R2 on 2008) Changing External Farm FQDNs fails RRS feed

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  • Hi Forum Members

    Ive read all the posts I can find on this, and hate putting up a similar post, but none really cover my scenario. (not renamed servers, etc...)

    I have just installed OCS R2 EE on server 2008 64bit with consolidated edge. All working ok. I also have 2007 R1 pool in the domain on 2003 servers, plan is to migrate and decomission once all is ok.

    My R2 pool at install was configured to use the R1 FQDN for external URL's as the rule was already in place on the HTTP reverse proxy. Ive now got round to creating a rule for R2 on the reverse proxy and it tests ok. I wanted to change the external farm URL's in my R2 pool. I tried to do this by running the following from my frontend server.

    lcscmd.exe /web /action:updatepoolurls /externalwebfqdn:livemeetingr2.domain.com /poolname:ocsr2.domain.com


    after 3 minutes or so of churning through checks in CMD, it told me it failed. I checked the html log and I received the following error


    [0xC3EC7814] Pool is not ready.


    This was right at the top of the log, everything else below it was listed as "success".


    Any ideas of what could be causing this or a list of things I can try would be appreciated as I dont have too much to go on.


    Thanks guys


    EDIT: Someone's suggesting to use the name of the pool shown in the tree structure in the left of the OCS MMC snapin, rather than using the pool FQDN shown on the right hand pane in the snapin. Can anyone confirm this is accurate, as I would like to minimise what actions I am taken against my production OCS pool.

    In my case, they are saying use ocsr2 rather than ocsr2.domain.com.


    Friday, October 9, 2009 9:44 AM