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  • Hi,

    I'm just looking for some insight into maybe the causes of some of the issues I've been experiencing with the CRM outlook client.

    The issues themselves are;

    - This isn't necessarily an issue, however I don't like the look of it & I have an underlying feeling that it may be this causing some issues we're experiencing. From a browser when I navigate to Help > About, the About CRM dialog appears & states the version number for CRM 2011 we are running & then beneath it rather than display the version of the CRM client I am running, it's displaying a CRM 4.0 outlook client version instead. It also displays this CRM 4.0 outlook client on a machine without the client installed, so I'm wondering, am I supposed to be updating this client on the server as well?

    - Another one which has just been brought to my attention, through the outlook client, if we create a new Incident/case & go to select a contact through the lookup & subsequently click the New button, nothing happens. It looks like a bug in the add-in, just wondering if anybody else has experienced this. I haven't yet checked this one out in tracing, just about to, will update when I have done so.

    There the 2 main ones, other than the usual, causing outlook to crash/run slow etc. But we have support calls raised with MS for this, they've been unable to establish what's happening there either, but it is being looked at.



    Wednesday, July 2, 2014 8:59 AM

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  • Hi James,

    many thanks for using Microsoft Forums and Communities.  I have reviewed your post and I would like to help going forward.

    First of all I am sorry to hear about the issues you are experiencing with your CRM Outlook Client on your environment. We very much appreciate and listen to your feedback – it is critical for us and enable us to further improve and build best in class products and services. If you have a product or service suggestion, I would encourage you to log it at Microsoft Connect platform https://connect.microsoft.com/ and provide insight to the Microsoft development community about it. Thank you very much in advance.

    In regards to your issues, I would like to ask you the below questions, which will help us provide you further information going forward.

    To all ) What is the currently installed CRM version on the client and on the server?

    To 1) Could you please provide us a screenshot of the issue? Does the problem affects multiple client machines or a particular one? Are you able to reproduce the problem on the server?

    To 2 ) Does this problem affects multiple client machine or a particular one? Can you please confirm that the same scenario works without any issues from within the Internet browser?

    To 3) I am glad to hear that you have already involved Microsoft Support on this one. Could you please provide me the number of the Service Request so that we can internally review the current status of the troubleshooting and provide you further information if possible.


    Nina Peneva

    Support Engineer

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM


    Follow EMEA Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support on Twitter at https://twitter.com/MSDynCRMSupport


    Thursday, July 3, 2014 3:16 PM