Vehicle Warning System Trialled RRS feed

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  • German researchers have developed a peer-to-peer network that vehicles could use to pass along information concerning road conditions. Cars would be fitted with sensors, and information concerning anything from traffic jams to objects in the road would travel from a car to another behind them and be displayed on a dashboard screen, a mobile device, or played over headphones. If a car knew its tires were slipping, it could alert the vehicles around it to the presence of a slippery substance on a digital map. "When [another vehicle] comes after to the point of danger, information has been spread out by wireless network and the danger will be propagated to the driver in [the other vehicle]," explains the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence's Dr. Anselm Blocher. The system could even take into account the "cognitive load" a driver is experiencing, in order to alert them in an appropriate way. The SmartWeb system could also allow drivers to access information about parking availability, speed traps, or other problems in natural language. A user could conduct a Web search that would request information from nearby vehicles.
    Tuesday, March 20, 2007 6:18 AM