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    Hi All


    I know there has been mentioned serveral times but there really hasn't been any mention of where the 64-bit connector is as. I would really like to move to Vista 64-Bit but there isn't a backup option via the connector for that.


    Can anybody give us an idea of when it will be in final or even Beta? Can people please refrain from saying, "It'll be done when its done", that is not a helpful comment.





    Tuesday, November 27, 2007 11:25 PM

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  •  Ryrager wrote:

    Can anybody give us an idea of when it will be in final or even Beta? Can people please refrain from saying, "It'll be done when its done", that is not a helpful comment.


    unfortunately, thats the only answer you're gonna get from "people". Microsoft has not released any more information that has not already been discussed here several times so the only info that's going to be other than "wait" will have to come from MS...


    "officially", the latest to come from MS was in an interview with Terry from We Got Served:


    Q: Support for x64 home computers has obviously been a big challenge for the team. Could you explain how tricky this issue has been?

    Todd: The challenge really comes down to resources and priorities It had been our intention all along to provide great x64 home computer support in v1 of Windows Home Server.

    As some of you may know, one of the great things about the x64 versions of Windows is the WOW64 layer that enables almost every 32 bit application to “just work”. It is quite amazing, actually. For our small product group, being able to ride on the shoulders of giants by running our 32 bit code under WOW64 enables us to be very efficient. Up until late last year our solution was working great on x64 Vista in this manner.

    However, as we were preparing Windows Home Server Beta 2 in December we discovered that the Vista team, right before it released, had made a change to the Volume Snapshot Services that broke ALL 32 bit applications trying to use VSS on the x64 versions of the operating system. They made this change to fix another bug that they deemed more serious. The end result is that no 32 bit backup software (that use VSS, and most do) would run on x64 Vista machines.

    We believed that this bug in Vista would be promptly fixed and a hot fix or service release issued and we’d be good to go. It turns out that this was not possible, so we were put into the position of having to re-engineer the Windows Home Server connector software as a native x64 application, and greatly expand our testing efforts. We did not have the resources to complete this by the time we RTM’d Windows Home Server.

    The team has released an alpha version of the x64 connector code to Microsoft employees, and we would like to release it as part of the product with the first “minor” release (Code Name “UR1”) of Windows Home Server.


    (later they say that there is no time frame for UR1)


    so i know you wont like it, but ill say it any way: HOLD ON...JUST WAIT

    Wednesday, November 28, 2007 12:41 AM

    This is a way of getting a x64 backup done for the time being...


    A few monday nights ago I backed-up (from Vista x86) the test Rig, including Vista x64, using the WHS 120 day RTM Evaluation set.


    The next night I restored the Vista x64 OS to a different partition (I overwrote Server 2008) & had >no problems at all<, naturally I did need the NIC drivers on a flash drive so the Restore Wizard could 'see' the (WHS) server.

    The Vista x64 Restore took 12 minutes, from after i hit the 'Next' button for it to begin restoring, all the apps I tried worked, so it looks like a good restore 


    SOOoo one can also just install another OS to run the PC (Connector) backup from, if they want the insurance of a backup, until a x64 Connector is available.

    Wednesday, November 28, 2007 4:01 AM