Microsoft Receives a Report if You Cancel WGA Installation RRS feed

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  • Microsoft has released an updated version of the Windows Genuine Advantage Notification tool in February 2007. The Redmond Company's anti-piracy tool has been initially previewed back in November 2006, delivering a new installation experience for the users. However, Microsoft also sneaked in a little surprise in the updated WGA mechanism. Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications does improve the user installation and validation experience. But it also comes with updated anti-piracy capabilities.

    According to the German computer magazine CT via Activewin, now Microsoft receives a report for every user that cancels the installation of WGA. The Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications is pushed automatically via Windows Update. But users that have set up their Windows update process in such a manner that updates need confirmation prior to installing have the option to click cancel to the deployment of the updated WGA. And in doing so, they label themselves as piracy suspects while Microsoft receives a report on the WGA cancellation.

    The German computer magazine CT claims that after downloading WGA and when being prompted to install the tool, the cancellation led to update.exe attempting to access Microsoft's servers. The magazine analyzed the data update.exe was sending out after it has successfully established a connection and found that the information was shipped to genuine.microsoft.com.

    The data that is being sent out comprises registry information and the Windows version and language. This is what could be read, because there is also encrypted data being sent out through the user's Internet connection. Microsoft confirmed the WGA behavior but claims that all the data is involved in the evolution of its anti-piracy mechanism.
    Wednesday, March 7, 2007 1:28 PM