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  • Can we achieve many -many relationship without creating it.My questions is i have 2 entities .

    The reason i am asking is i have to create filter look up between 2 entities through both the sides.For that the 2 entities should have many to many relationship between them.But stunnware doesnot support n:n filter look up.

    So if i create 1:n from one entity and similar relationship from another entity can we achieve n:n .

    Because if i do that and try add existing it shows "cannot create a relationship because another exists that has cascading action".

    May be my question is bit wierd but i would appreciate if someone can provide a right approach.


    Tuesday, February 8, 2011 7:44 AM


  • Yes you can create a manual N:N relationship which implies creation of associative entity.

    Check this

    Native N:N
    An Native N:N relationship is created by the system utilizing an hidden intersect entity. The intersect entity is created by the platform where the users merely provide the names of the related entities.
    Since the intersect entity is hidden, it is not available for customization and workflow rules.

    Manual N:N
    An Manual N:N relationship is created by the implementer utilizing a combination of two N:1 relationships that share a common intersect entity. Here the intersect entity is created by the implementer and not hidden. The intersect entity acts as the related entity in both the N:1 relationships

    Creating a series of N:1 relationships in this manner creates a de-facto N:N relationship

    You can find more information in this article.



    Wednesday, February 9, 2011 5:02 AM