deleivery reports don't send RRS feed

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  • The read or delivery receipt option don't work when i send from other account like the hr dl to the internal account and its work if I send to external account
    In addition it's work when i send from my account
    There is the real scenario
    We have a as dl and  b as internal user (b@domain.local) and  c  (c@hotmail.com )as a external user  and  h is member  in  a and have send as permission on a
    Now a try send email to b and c and he enable the read and delivery option.
    After H sent the email the the b user is read email but no email come back (read message notification) to a (h as member)
    The c user is read email and the a (h as member) receive read message (read message notification)
    I see the problem is with exchange server.
    nots: i have exchange 2003 sp2
    Any solution?


    Microsoft Lover
    Sunday, April 26, 2009 12:46 PM