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  • I'm leaving this here because it seems microsoft doesn't have a feedback form anywhere on their website (as most companies do) so clearly they don't value customer feedback... But just in case this does get to someone at Microsoft - you need to improve the training for your technical support personnel (or subcontractors by the sounds of it). 

    Long story short: Technical support analysts need some customer service training. They should:

    1. make sure that if they are working from home the background noise isn't too loud.

    2. keep the customer updated on the process and what's going on, along with a completion time estimate if possible.

    3. provide feedback at the end of the call to indicate what they found and whether the customer needs to take any further steps. 

    This is very basic and will make me have much more trust in the customer support team... See full story of what happened to me below.

    Last night I was having a problem with my laptop in that it got stuck while trying to perform an update and I wanted to make sure by force stopping it I hadn't lost the update or any other material. I requested a call from technical support and everything was going well with the first person I got (Gabriel if that helps) when all of a sudden the call cut off. Given that he was about to check whether there was a reason my updates kept failing I thought it was pretty important to call back and see if someone else could resolve the problem. I waited a few minutes to see if Gabriel would call back, he didn't. So I called back the number I had and the first person told me I should wait for Gabriel and hung up. Since I had already waited and not received a call back, I called a second time and got someone to put me through to a "level 2" technical analyst. This person's name was Jhon. Jhon started out being very helpful and took remote control of my computer to look into why the updates kept failing and what all the error messages on my computer meant. He sounded like he was in a room with a party, which isn't a big deal as I often feel like technical support people sound like they are at home with their kids screaming in the background, but the problem was i couldn't hear him very well. I kept thinking he was talking to me when in fact it was just the background noise. So he muted his end after a few times of me asking if he had said anything (again, this shouldn't be a problem). What was a problem is that the system checks and downloads he was doing took over an hour! At no point did he warn me that this might take a while and that I could start doing something else with my time, so I literally sat and stared at my computer while waiting for him to finish. About an hour later, the call abruptly ended, so I typed in the little chat that exists when someone has control of your computer that the call had dropped, but could he please provide me an update on what was going on. No answer. So I asked him if he was still there and if there was a problem with my computer. Still no answer. A few minutes later he ended the remote control of my computer with no additional goodbye or information. I still have no idea what he found/didn't find on my computer and why the updates were bugging... 

    Tuesday, February 2, 2016 1:54 AM