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  • The 'Red 1' is a nuisance. I'm always seeing and checking this, and it's on because I haven't turned on automatic updates.  I check for updates regularly and have Windows set to automatically download but not install updates.  Can't OneCare do the same without the 'Urgent' warning?  Several of my PCs are running production applications, and I cannot have them restart except when I'm available on a weekend.

    Sunday, October 26, 2008 4:18 AM

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  • I've moved your post to the Tune-up topic folder as the monitoring of AU is a function of that part of OneCare.


    I'll paste my usual response to this issue below, but you may want to check out these links to disable the automatic reboot while still having AU set to download and install automatically.






    Now, for my "canned" response:

    I agree with your assessment that forcing the setting to automatically install is bad for me (and you). However, I can tell you from personal experience that there are many, many people who happily ignore Windows Updates - even when they are set to notify - and end up with severely compromised systems. I have personally repaired dozens of systems where the AU icon was alerting the user about updates to be applied and based on the number of updates available, that icon was alerting them for months and sometimes years!


    What I would prefer is that OneCare required that Automatic Updates was *on* for any settings desired in order to be green. Since OneCare already does a check of Windows Update for updates not yet offered and installed by Automatic Updates when a Tune-up is performed, I think OneCare should perform that check daily and/or check for the state of AU in that when an update is offered as available, OneCare should change to yellow alert status. If the user then ignores the warning yellow status for 24 hours, OneCare should turn red. If another 24 hours elapses without action by the user, OneCare should switch on AU to automatically install the updates and provide a dialog to the customer that this action was taken and why.


    Since that functionality does not currently exist in OneCare, we need to live with the simplistic setting requirement that AU must be set to automatic download and install at a specified time of our choosing. Pick a time that is least likely to impact you. You cannot change the way OneCare warns you if you do not have AU configured this way.



    Tuesday, October 28, 2008 3:09 PM