CRM 2011: Outlook Filters and Templates Question


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    We have a requirement to modify the default outlook filter templates so that whenever a user configures the outlook client for a new CRM organization, instead of the OOB outlook filters, the customized filters should be created. I have done this as explained at The result wasn’t as expected for me and 16 filters were created for my user out of the 8 customized templates.



    The following are the repro steps:


    1.       Change the default Outlook Filters Templates by modifying the fetchxml column of the 8 records found through the following query:

                      select * from FilteredSavedQuery

    where querytype = 131072

    The fetchxml update was done via SDK calls.

    2.       Publish all customizations to see the changes take effect.

    3.       Check that only those 8 rows exist for the above query with the modified fetchxml.

    4.       Add a new user in CRM through UI and give him an appropriate role.

    5.       Check that 0 rows exist for this user in the userquery table with querytype 256 (Outlook Filters).

    6.       Have the user connect to the organization through the configuration manager.


    After this operation, 16 rows exist for the user in the userquery table with querytype 256 (Outlook Filters). Launch outlook and check the synchronization filters, 16 filters exist. 8 are the default OOB filters with old fetchxml and 8 have the same names but with new fetchxml. All fetchxml was built through advanced find and later validated by opening the filters in outlook client.



    We are on UR 2 on server and client machines.


    Has anyone tried doing this type of customization?





    Wednesday, August 10, 2011 4:03 PM

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  • Yes, I did try the same. and after changing the template fetchXML (savedquery), i reset user filters and my changes were copied in to user table.
    Wednesday, May 02, 2012 2:55 PM