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  • When create a new record, there is Owner value before save but no Created By value, only after click save the Created By value will be populate.

    I know the Owner value can be changed by using "Asign".

    Why Created By no value before save?

    Tuesday, February 21, 2012 3:28 AM


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  • Created By is a system field and will not be defaulted until save - that is the design.  Owner field allow for adjustment so can be alter before save.  Eitherway, the record field values are not set until save.

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    Tuesday, February 21, 2012 4:01 AM
  • Hi,

    Owner comes to picture if the Entity ownership scope is User. When you create a new record which is a user scope, then the attribute will get populate with user who is creating the record, however the user can change the owner to another user or a team.

    createdby attribute is set by the platform and should not be modified, and it get set based on the user who is creating record. But by using Plugin, you can impersonate another user means you can change the createdby.

    All the security is driven around owner attribute, and reassigning records only changes the owner of a record. It does not change the user who created or modified the record; that information stays intact.

    Hope this helps

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    Tuesday, February 21, 2012 4:23 AM
  • The point is the user does not need to provide a value for "created by" - whoever is logged on and clicks "Save" to create the record is by definition the person creating it.

    If you need to capture some other user relationship such as the source of a Lead, instigator of a Project or something like that then I suggest you add a custom N:1 relationship from the entity where you need this to the SystemUser entity.

    Hope this helps Adam Vero, MCT

    Wednesday, February 22, 2012 1:17 PM