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  • I have a Galaxy S8+.  Had it for about 3 years.

    Brand new problem arose 3 days ago.  I use MS Outlook on my phone and my pc.  

    My phone tells me I have unread emails.  I go to my INBOX.  There are no unread messages in my Inbox.  I check my computer, there are no unread messages in my INBOX.

    However, I go to my JUNK folder and erase the junk emails there, and the notification goes away.

    Why is my INBOX suddenly searching my Junk Mail folder for unread emails?

    How do I undo this?  

    TMobile says it's nothing they have done.  They tell me to check with Samsung.

    I talked to Samsung.  Their standard answer is "reset your network settings".  So obviously that fix nothing.

    Any ideas?


    Thursday, July 23, 2020 1:33 AM

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