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  • Hi.
    I have a Money 2004 file that goes back to the 1990s and I'm unable to open it in USMoney Deluxe Sunset.

    I've done some research and it seems that the fact that my file is from a UK version may be the issue? Any solutions or suggestions?

    Windows 10.

    TIA. :-)

    Wednesday, February 1, 2017 2:08 PM

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  • Sunset cannot open a UK file. Uninstall Sunset and install a UK version. Sunset may have modified your 2004 file but kept a copy as *.m12. Similarly, a *.m14 file is a copy of a Money 2005 file on which conversion was attempted.

    If you don't have the Money 2004 install disk (it must say "Money 2004" and not just "Copyright 2004"), see what is currently the second post in this forum for a link to Money 2005 UK.

    Incidentally, it is always a good time to review your backup policies if you have not done so.

    Wednesday, February 1, 2017 3:13 PM
  • Thanks for the reply.

    I already have 2005 UK as well as the original 2004 disc etc, I also tried 2007 earlier without success.

    I tried 2007 believing that I could convert my UK file to one that would open with Sunset, but I guess I was mistaken and, presumably there's no way that I can convert my file to open in Sunset? :-(

    No possibility that I could set up a new Sunset file with my accounts and copy the transaction data across from my 2004 file?

    My back ups are safe enough and I still have the original 2004 file.

    The reason I've been trying to do this is that I want to change to a current application that I can use with cloud storage (Quicken/Kashflow, etc) and I thought a Sunset file could be used. I'm now concerned that this isn't going to be a possibility.

    Are there any current applications that use cloud storage and can convert my MM 2004 data?

    Thanks again for the help. :-)

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    Wednesday, February 1, 2017 6:48 PM
  • The way that is available to you is to do a QIF export of each account from the UK version of Money and to do a QIF import of all of those files, at once, into Sunset.

    That will lose some info, such as share symbols. It will leave you with a very clean file.

    If you want to try it, let us know.

    It is possible to have Sunset and Money 2004 or 2005 installed at the same time. You have to be alert during the install to override the default of uninstalling the old version  Only the last-installed will have the Windows file type associations.

    If you have files for different versions, it is important to give them names that will help you keep them separate. If you do the QIF thing, it would make sense to me to keep both files up to date for an interval until you know which you want to continue with. Each version maintains its own most-recently-used file list.

    Sunset has some better features. It has multiple vintage backups. It has better handling of spinoffs/demergers. And more. It does not have the UK view of things, so for example, it will refer to IRAs rather than ISAs. The differences may be more significant. However I don't think the UK version was really UK modified. For example, I think it pays no attention to the UK tax year.

    If you go with Sunset, you will probably want to tell the Windows firewall to block access so that it does not try to access servers that are no longer there.

    Money 2004 has some advantages too. It was built to perform well without Internet access. It has a good help system.

    Wednesday, February 1, 2017 7:03 PM