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  • Hi,

    i need some help on this,we have a production server that connected by 7 peers.

    each peer is equip with sync service that i write. actually is the some defination table that stored inside production server that need to download to peer.

    each peer i restored with a copies of basic data (come together with the defination table as well, the data might not update). then i will run PostRestoreFixed once i have restored.

    then only i start to run the sync services. my sync direction is DownloadOnly.

    so, meaning any changes happen on Production Server will download to Local Peer.

    the problem i face now is, the latest changes on the production did not sync to local peer for the defination table.

    so, i intend to reset the local peer table, to reinitialize full download from production table.

    can advise how can i do so? just single table only..

    thanks and regards


    Tuesday, May 22, 2012 8:13 AM

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  • have you figured out why you didnt get a download? is it because it wasnt able to detect changes that occured at the server or is it because it failed to apply them at the client?

    sync knowledge is stored at the scope level, not at the table level, so i doubt you can selectively reset a specific table...

    if the data you want to download for a local table is only specific to that peer (meaning the rows will not be in other peers), you can do dummy update for those rows in the serve to mark them as changed (e.g., update table x set col1=col1).

    Tuesday, May 22, 2012 8:36 AM