MSN Messenger, keeps crashing every time i sign in. RRS feed

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  • MSN Messenger, and QQ Messenger  keeps crashing every time i sign in.
    i open up the MSN or QQ messengers, i log in fine, then after a few seconds it just freezes on me.

     I am running windows 7.....i have using both for along with no problem normally, but  it has done this once before, at the time i could not find any help, so i reformatted the
     hard drive and reinstalled windows, then reinstalled MSN and QQ it worked fine  again for along time until now....
     now its crashed again i have just tried uninstalling then reinstalled it, ran a couple ant viruses program, up dates tried to  find help on the internet, i have even emailed msn and QQ but no response. i have just tried to just running program as i thought the messengers may have been clashing with each other,  still no luck..... 
     but I'm hoping you can help me or tell me who can help. i have used  MSN for years with out to much problems  and QQ now for 2 year again with out any really big  problems, and i use thte messengers  to communicate with my family in the UK , as at the moment I'm teaching English in china, and msn is a life line, and QQ helps me keep in contact with my locle friends and students.
    Thursday, June 17, 2010 1:51 AM