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  • Hello,

    Have the following scenario that we're trying to debug:

    In a Synchronous PostCreate plugin we add users to a Team that owns a specific record and has read permission on that record via a security role. That should mean that when the Create process is completed the users added to the Team have access to the record. When such a user then goes to open the record they get a SecurityException ReadAccess error. The record does show in grids, which should not happen if they do not have Read permission on the record.

    As a further test we execute the SDK call RetrievePrincipalAccessRequest for the user and record, from a console application, and see that the user does not have Read permission.

    We can look a the Team Member list in the UI and user is a member of the Team. If we wait long enough (and create another record the issue will eventually resolve itself - several minutes later.) 

    We can add a user to the team, using the same code we executed in our Plugin (but running in a console app), and the user has Read permissions and can access the record immediately after the call completes.

    There is clearly something going on in our Plugin that is causing an issue but we cannot figure out what or why - since the Create call completes without error and we can see the user listed in the UI. We are not doing anything funky - i.e., direct SQL, external service, etc.

    We call a standard CRM 2011 SDK message and it completes without throwing an error. We can validate that the user was added in the user interface. The user have permission to Read the entity but they do not.

    Any thoughts/ideas?? We've been tracking like crazy but haven't found our smoking gun!

    Monday, November 11, 2013 10:51 PM

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