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  • In response to a request to rate a support person I said:

    I have no complaints about your representative but I do have to let you know that Live One Care gave me all kinds of problems and I eventually had to uninstall it, even after a session with your support team .  I then had to pay $32.00 to Linksys support to get my WiFi router, Media Center Extender and Laptop working again.  I had problems playing games and using video editing software.  I was not able to use any other spyware programs, though I did some scans from the web and there were lots of items to delete!  This package has a long way to go before it's usable!


    I have an updated Windows XP MCE 2005 computer with 2 Gb of RAM and 250 gb drive and a fast Intel processor and should not have had to go through all the problems I experienced.  We tried everything to make it work to no avail.

    Sunday, March 30, 2008 9:18 PM

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  • I'm sorry that you had a bad experience with OneCare, but thanks for trying it. While you may have had problems with it (not specified above other than a reference to spyware found by other scanners - which would most certainly include 3rd party tracking cookies which have never been detected or removed by OneCare) many others are running it without problems at all. So, once again, sorry to read that you weren't happy with it.



    Monday, March 31, 2008 3:18 PM
  • I cannot tell you how or why my home network and other functions were affected because I'm not a technician.  I know many people use this product without issue but what do most people do with their computers?  Surf the internet and do E Mail?  Maybe send some photos?  If you use just the basics everything is probably fine but I have a couple dozen programs for everything from spreadsheets to database and video editing and I gather that must create some extra issues. 


    The other thing that really irritates me is that OneCare does not allow you to have any spyware programs running along side it.  You even said it will not catch or get rid of tracking cookies.  So what are we to do, just let them stack up like cord wood  until the machine is jammed or have to manually delete them all the time (if we know where to find them all)?? I am actually beginning to think that this program is designed to run all the other security programs out of business. 

    Monday, March 31, 2008 7:22 PM
  • I can't tell you why you had problems from your limited information either, though I know that people do have problems and some configurations can be hard to set up. So, once again, as a fellow customer, I'm sorry that you encountered problems and that you decided to go with another solution, but thanks for trying OneCare.


    You can manage 3rd party tracking cookies in your browser settings. In IE, it is under the Privacy section.


    Most security vendors will recommend not running any real time scanners concurrently. The programs that OneCare warns about have been found, through testing and support incidents, to conflict with OneCare.



    Monday, March 31, 2008 7:36 PM