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  • I don't know much about the suggestions posted above, nor in the business of programing, but back in the days of Palm, I've use Tinybites, and later, with my Iphone, Handbase, to sync with MS Access.

    I am very comfortable with Access, and have use it for a wile. in the course of my business cycle, I spend a substantial amount of time in remote areas, such as mines, refineries, oil and gas lines, helping my customers with quality control. All the information required to perform my services and collect my results was done originally in paper, then, later I started using a palm (TREO) and a 3rd party app. to transfer my data to Access at a latter time, and the last few years with my iPhone,

    I have a small number of inspectors helping me now, and we all use the same technique only to a web Access.

    My logic went as follows:

     1   Problems:

          a. Service is done locally in the smart phone (some still use paper)  lack of access to a cell line is common, or expensive, wen overseas.

          b. Interface is inadequate, the phone is small, and the capacity of the 3rd party apps. are very limited. as information has to be transferred to  a relational data base, I always have to complement the information collected manually.

    1. Solution

        a. A tablet will help me with more real state to organize my input forms, and avoid field data collection errors.

        b. A tablet should have more storage capacity and fixtures, will be able to add pictures, and a faster processor, lasting battery, still compact and more economical than a laptop, should be a perfect solution.

        c.  A Windows tablet should be the icing on the cake, Microsoft has a practical philosophy, with business in mind, same platform for the office and field devices, compatibility should be a given.

    So I went and acquired 3 Surfaces RT last Christmas, thinking this is going to be as good, if not better than my old TREO. Well, it should be called Surprise RT, not Surface RT.

    I know now that Access is not available for the RT, and I can live with that, but in the Windows store, there are “0” results when I type “database” moreover, the apps are grouped, and “Productivity” is listed as group 17<sup>th</sup> after, music, lifestyle, food, ete.

    I have nothing against media or social networking apps, but that is a bonus, not the main focus of the device, that is Apples thing anyway.

    Please, is there anything out there for my business, without having to hire an IT team?


    P.S. my selection bellow was random.... I do not understand what are the choices.

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