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  • Hi,
    I’m a strong Microsoft admin/dba type, but I am new to CRM. I’ve been to 
    training on CRM3 but have only installed it in VMs for staging/testing. Our 
    organization is about to deploy CRM and we’ve decided to go with CRM 4 
    Enterprise-fresh install.
    I’ve been reading the planning and installation guides and I’m drawing up 
    the topology plan to fit best in our existing environment/Microsoft 
    infrastructure. If anyone has time to look the topology over and point out 
    any gotchas or recommendations, comments would be much appreciated. Sometimes 
    brute force trial and error gets you through the gotchas, but if anyone has 
    some advice from doing it…We are small-medium org where server performance is 
    never an issue, but high availability, flexibility, and maintainability are 
    major issues.
    LB-We will use existing F5 network load balancers to load balance two CRM 
    Frontend-Two CRM Servers running Application and Platform layer so I can 
    take one down for maintenance. Windows 2003 Standard x86/IIS6 or Windows 2008 
    x86/IIS7(x64?) depending on timing.
    Database-Production CRM Databases will run on existing two node SQL2005 x64 
    Enterprise Edition Cluster. Only Default instance of SQL.
    CRM SSRS Connector will run on existing Win2k3Standard Edition Server that 
    runs SQl2005x86  Standard SSRS and Database Engine. This reporting server 
    serves SSRS for several other applications as well. 
    The Exchange router and rules deployment I’m not sure about so if anyone has 
    a suggestion on whether or not you can cluster this component. We have 
    Exchange 2007 backend clusters as well as SQL clusters, and probably a print 
    cluster soon. I wouldn’t want to put this on those, but I might if there 
    weren’t any issues. It seems like this component needs to be highly 
    available. Does the system let you cluster it, or load balance it? Also, can 
    you have your STAGING and PRODUCTION point at the same CRM Email router 
    component? I might build this is as its own VM…?
    -I think we want the Incoming, Outgoing and Forward Mailbox options for our 
    Frontend-One 2kXXXX box to match production running IISx to match 
    production, Application/Platform layer.(VM)
    Database-Will run on STAGING SQL instance very similar to production.(VM)
    CRM SSRS-Will run on STAGING SQL SSRS instance very similar to production.(VM)
    Exchange Router-???See above, can the production component serve both 
    staging and production?
    If I install CRM 4 Workgroup on SBS as a VM, can a developer use this to 
    customize CRM 4 and then export the entities/changes in CRM 4 Enterprise 
    first on Staging then Production or are CRM workgroup and Enterprise too 
    Friday, February 1, 2008 11:28 PM


  • You may see a line in the deployment docs to install the SRS connector on the machine running SRS which is often the same as the SQL server.


    Glad to see you have it seperated out, since I have seen the installation crash the clustering service.


    You may want to create an second SRS server for CRM if Reports will be a heavily used option.  Rendering can take up quite a bit of CPU.


    Monday, July 21, 2008 7:51 AM