Pauseing my Game when I play RRS feed

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    I started using onecare a few days ago. and I found a problem on my end I was getting 328 upload and 22 download. And I got help to fix that problem, I can now do a test I get 700 upload and 688 download, I started playing my game Everyquest. Eveything work good to we got in to a raid of 64 people, All casting spell and so on. And my game started to pause like 3 to 4 sec then incressed.


    First I thought it was my fire wall. I trun it off and still the same. So I trun it back on!


    Then I trun off Virus proection and it totaly stoped.


    So I reset the program hoping it would fix it. but it did not.


    EverQuest is a very intence game and there are many many zone wich is probley ran off 100's of pc who know There are regler zone and instance zone. there over 5000 plp on my server alone give or take.


    But I am in a high end of the game and I raid 6 days a week 6 to 7 hrs aday! And I dont want to be runing with Antivirus off

    Any help here would be greatful.




    Wednesday, October 15, 2008 6:06 AM