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  • Hi there

    I wrote a plugin based on the RetrieveMultiple' message to filter the article on a custom field 'Business Unit' (as others have done here) many months ago. This works beautifully in all views and users can only see articles in their own business unit when searching. It seems though that if they type into the search box the RetrieveMultiple message is not the message that is being called.

    According to Microsoft 'RetrieveMultiple' is triggerred for Quicksearch,Advanced Find etc)

    However, from my research it would seem that the is a different search going on in kbarticle when the user types into the search box on a list view.

    Apparently this is posting to the message 'SearchByKeywordsKbArticle' which I cannot add via the Plugin Registration tool. Sigh!

    So users have found that if they luck out on typing in an article name or number correctly then they can find items that they should not.

    I am stumped here and am looking for suggestions from all the kind people out there :-)

    Have looked at

    1. Ways of changing the SQL Index Search.

    2. Way of adding a plugin for the above message 'SearchByKeywordsKbArticle'

    3. Hiding the 'search' box on the list view (nasty)

    I do not have anything workable so far

    I would love any help or suggestions

    Thank you!

    Alan Ashton

    Wednesday, February 18, 2015 6:50 PM

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  • Hello,

    You can try to activate that message for plugins using following code:

    Update SdkMessageFilter 
    Set IsCustomProcessingStepAllowed = 1
    Where SdkMessageId in 
    (Select SdkMessageId From SdkMessage Where Name = 'SearchByKeywordsKbArticle')

    I'm not sure that it would work because I used that code in 4.0


    1. This is unsupported so I would suggest to make backup before. 2. To See changes you will have to make iisreset and reload plugin registration tool.

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    Thursday, February 19, 2015 2:21 AM