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  • Okay I've spent the last two days trying to coax my system to actually work with this OS. This pc is an older XP machine from 07 which had Win 7 on it. It started to give me trouble which it wouldn't find a boot device/the hard drive. So I went out bought two new 1 TB for my main machine and took the 6 month old hard drives on it (400 GB + 250 GB) and installed Win 7 on the system which flagged the same problem. I installed kubuntu on it just to see if it would do anything and to my amazement everything work fine. Now I installed WHS and I'm having the same problem. Any ideas?


    Funny I actually got it running a couple times and got everything setup. I could see it my network on all my PCs and went through the document troubleshooting connection problems. Even turned off all firewalls and opened things up pretty good. Although I do have a odd network setup though. There are two G routers and one N router which give me excellent coverage. Both G routers have their DCHP turned off and are broadcasting their SSID the same. The main computer/server is connected through a G router in my office since the internet comes in the ceiling and the other two routers are on attached on the ceiling. Didn't have a say in that one the kid who came to set it up thought he knew where it would be best while I wasn't home.

    All Windows computers are Windows 7 except for two laptops that are XP



    Main N Router ---- Wireless to XBOX 360, 2 Win desktops, 2 Macbook Pros

    l                               l

    Secondary G Router    Secondary G Router [Either or whichever the device is closer too] ---- 4 Win Laptops, iPhone, Blackberry, Printers,


    Main Computer (wired)


    Server (wired)


    Any help guys? Oh yea the hard drives work fine AND boot fine in any other PC. Just this problem one. The BIOS is set for SATA ATA on. (disabling RAID)

    Forget to say one more thing. When the server was running and connected to the network I ran WHS Connector. It would find the server but couldn't download files due to a connection problem (HTTP 500 or something?)

    Thursday, April 28, 2011 11:17 PM