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  • In fact, I opened the discussion of this topic, you can let everyone in different areas of each expert to imagine, it is also a lot of people think, but also my expectations.

    In the ever-changing technology today, any of the things we feel impossible, are likely to become a reality, AI technology, IOT, VR & AR many topics continue to let the technology has a clear development, then in the next 50 to 100 years, What are the possible new technologies?

    Microsoft is facing these rapid changes in the future, will be able to develop how the new trend of technology, and we can use Microsoft's technology to achieve what:

    1. Everywhere computer environment:
    You can imagine you worn watches, glasses, clothing, ready to produce any information at any time, access to the file portable computer environment?

    2. The future of autopilot:
    In recent years, many technology and manufacturers have announced to enter the field of automatic driving, the key lies in the operating system, cross-border applications, the future is bound to produce huge driving automatic data. How to apply this data, will become one of the key to the success of manufacturers. Because autopilot is on the road, it can learn through the collected data, or strengthen the map and navigation. In addition, regulatory data can be used to understand driving speed and parking regulations. Passenger data can create personal travel experience. In short, which company has a huge autopilot data in the future, and can effectively apply the analysis and then find the best service, will be one of the biggest winners of this era.

    3. Mind reading:
    The current technique can be achieved by implanting the wafer into the brain of a patient with a paralyzed stroke and connecting the wafer to a laptop. These patients will eventually learn how to use ideas to edit e-mail, play video games and surf the Internet, or help reduce the crime rate.

    4. Smart House:
    Wisdom residential, but will be a variety of home automation equipment, the use of network systems to make it play a holistic and efficient service functions to ensure the safety of home, living environment, health and convenience of life and provide a comfortable quality of life , To create a humane living environment. In other words, the smart house is an intelligent integration system, which can contain many different functions of the independent module device system, such as access control system, intelligent curtains, lighting systems, home appliances systems, home audio-visual entertainment systems, security warning systems. These modular devices, but also according to the actual needs of consumers or economic budget considerations have increased or decreased. Operating mode also provides a remote control, touch panel, computer, smart phones and other intimate choice.

    5. IOT & Medical:
    The medical industry is now a global market. Globalization is an emerging trend in the health care industry due to the increase in global population aging and chronic diseases. Globalization is a new trend in the health care industry. The goal is to link the world-wide medical centers with organizations through medical resources, international trade And the combination of advanced technology to achieve the globalization of the medical industry.

    6. Deformation:
    In the movie "Terminator 2" or "X-Men" in the shape of the deformation of the scene, which is the study of "programmable material" scientists dream. They made the same size as the pin of the computer chip, which is a nanoscale microcomputer, called "catoms". These computer wafers are programmed, and these wafers have different combinations depending on the established charge. The future of any kind of goods, are likely to incarnate any shape.

    For example, the phone into the pocket is too big, if you play in the hands of playing too small. If I have so much (programmable) wafers with 200 to 300 milliliters, then I can always let the phone become the shape I want. In the next 40 years, this will be a cool technique.

    7. Can fly to outer space to build interstellar spacecraft
    Some scientists believe that the first interplanetary spacecraft will be a miniature computer wafer, only the size of the nail cover. Even if only a small amount of the crystal reaches the star, it is enough to send back valuable information. Dr. Peck's idea is to launch millions of wafers around Jupiter, so that a strong magnetic field around Jupiter will be able to accelerate them to "tens of thousands of kilometers per second" and think that this speed can also infinitely increase near the speed of light.

    8. Nature and climate change
    Predicting earthquakes and storms has been a subject of continuous science and technology, and how effective data can be used to prevent or reduce the natural disasters that have occurred.

    9. Human and robot (AI) integration
    From the beginning of the 50 years, we will be able to see through the genetic transformation of the human body a fundamental change. The human population will change in ways that people can not imagine today. We will find ourselves no longer limited by Darwin's theory of evolution. It is predicted that by 2100 years ago, our daily life will be filled with intelligent robots, and humans can not distinguish themselves from them, we will also be robots, with the robot interrelated.

    10. Invisible expansion of real-world technology
    The future regardless of the body to wear, the hands of the shopping or shopping to see the advertising plate, will have the expansion of real technology, as long as the corresponding glasses or equipment, you can see all kinds of stunning image.

    Thursday, September 21, 2017 8:49 AM