Computer not working after OneCare installation RRS feed

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    1. Loaded up the version of OneCare that came with the setup disk for my new ISP

    2. OneCare detected old McAfee

    3. Downloaded McAfee uninstaller and removed it

    4. OneCare loaded up and installed with no other warnings

    5. OneCare displayed some files that were corrupted and gave me option to clean all

    6. Selected clean all

    7, Told me I needed to reboot to finish

    8. Rebooted and Windows began to load

    9. Windows startup failed, it rebooted again

    10.  Rinse and repeat from 8 forever and ever and ever and ever

    11.  Tried to start in safe mode, repeat from 8

    12.  Tried to start in safe mode with command prompt, repeat from 8

    13.  Tried to start using last good configuration, repeat from 8

    14.  Tried to start using every option I could find, repeat from 8


    So this is where it stands right now.  Can I get into Windows any other way so I can uninstall this program or is my only hope to do a system restore and lose every application I've installed on my computer since I got it three years ago (and possibly some of my data files as well depending on what HP system restore actually deletes)? 


    I saw where this problem was referred to as a rare bug, but beyond the suggestion to start in safe mode no other troubleshooting steps were provided.  Would appreciate any ideas on alternate methods of getting into XP before drastic measures must be taken.


    Friday, August 8, 2008 6:43 AM