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  • Hi Guys - Any idea why am I getting following error;

    Missing required argument
      /ComputerOU Specifies ComputerOU DN.

    ERROR (0xC3EC7941): Missing one or more required command line arguments.

    Here is what I'm doing, can someone please point out what is that I'm missing here?

    C:\Office Communications Server_Eval\StandardEdition\setup\i386>LcsCmd /Domain /
    Action:CreateDelegation /DelegationTongue TiederverAdmin /TrusteeGroup:RTCUniversalGlobal
    ReadOnlyGroup /TrusteeDomain:unitydomain1.cisco.com /ServiceAccount:RTCService /
    ComponentServiceAccount:RTCComponentService [/ComputerOU=Unity] [/PoolNameTongue Tiedakh-
    Office Communications Server 2007 Public Beta Deployment Command Console
    Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.

    Missing required argument
      /ComputerOU Specifies ComputerOU DN.

    ERROR (0xC3EC7941): Missing one or more required command line arguments.

    Type lcscmd /? for help using this command.

    C:\Office Communications Server_Eval\StandardEdition\setup\i386>
    Wednesday, August 8, 2007 11:24 PM

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  • Can you let us know the status of your command issue? Can you share your solution if you have one? If not, please let us know what else you have tried.


    Tuesday, December 18, 2007 6:01 PM
  • I had a similar issue, and I am including my response to it below this answer. If I am reading your Command Line Syntax correctly, it is not recognizing the /ComputerOU switch, because it is bracketed ([/ComputerOU=Unity]). Unbracket this switch, and change the syntax to :

    Code Snippet



    . If you happent to need to specify a container that has spaces in the name, you will need to wrapp that in double quotes like :

    Code Snippet
    /ComputerOU:OU="Unity Two"



    . The same applies to the PoolName switch.



    I had this same problem, and i felt like a real doorknob once I figured it out..


    In your Command Line Syntax, wrap parameters whose values have spaces in them with double quotes. for example, the line you are failing is where

    Code Snippet
    /TrusteeGroup:OCS Admins



    is. Change this to

    Code Snippet
    /TrusteeGroup:"OCS Admins"



    , and re-run the command. You will get a new error that says The initial separator / was not found on switch Controllers, so obviously you will need to do the same for

    Code Snippet
    /ComputerOU:OU="Domain Controllers"



    Fix, and re-run the command. This time, the command should succeed. I also referenced the HTML log it writres into : C:\Documents and Settings\YOURCURRENTUSERNAME\Local Settings\Temp\1\ (look for the newest file by mod date) , and that is actually somewhat helpful. Other than that, your syntax is perfect.


    I hope this helps someone.


    Matt Adams


    Wednesday, April 9, 2008 3:33 PM