Local computer terminal will not raise after an RDP connection was established to it RRS feed

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  • Hey there,

    Not sure where to post but maybe some of you have experience with this issue. First time I've encountered it.

    System is Windows 10, connected to AD, running a RTX 3090 linked to a TV and a 1440p monitor (I know all of this seems random, but the RTX was recently installed ~2 weeks and this issue has popped up over the last few days). 

    I can connect via RDP to the machine at all times. The problem occurs after some period of local inactivity. For example: I'm connected to the machine via RDP for 30 minutes being active the whole time. The local terminal is inactive (obviously RDP takes over). Normal behavior would be that if I moved the mouse or touched keyboard on the local terminal, the computer would prompt me to login, and logging in would result in my other device getting kicked off RDP from this machine. The current experienced behavior is that touch mouse or keyboard locally no longer does anything - it no longer raises a login screen. However, further RDP connections work fine, and the machine is clearly still up throughout all of this.

    Any ideas?

    Much appreciated!


    Thursday, November 5, 2020 3:40 PM