Is there a way to tell WHS not to use uPnP? RRS feed

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  • Every once in a while my WHS gives the error message about failure to update Windows Live Domain. I haven't been using remote access so often recently but if I look, I can see that I can't access via xxx.homeserver.com. The fix for me is to reboot my router!

    This is a home-built WHS v1 at PP3. The network connection between PCs and WHS is through a D-Link DGS-2208 gigabit switch.  One switch port goes to a D-Link WBR-2310 router to a Motorola SB5120 to Comcast. The router does claim to support uPnP and there's a checkbox to enable it, which is checked. Here are the symptoms:

    1. All PCs can get to the Internet, to WHS console, and WHS web page by server name and internal IP fine.
    2. No PCs inside and outside my LAN can get to xxx.homeserver.com. I also have a DynDNS address and all PCs inside and outside can get to WHS web page via that domain and via external IP address.
    3. If I start the console, go to Settings - Remote Access, the icon says unknown with a red X. If I try to repair, it fails at the third step. If I try to Configure - 'Choose another domain', then after entering my Live ID, it just spins and never connects. Sometimes error codes show up. So I think the Live domain isn't being set because the WHS can't get to the MS site.
    4. If I log into Hotmail with those same credentials from any PC, no problem so the credentials are good.

    5. If I RDP to WHS and start IE, I can get to the admin web page for my router, my soundbridge, etc, inside my LAN.  From WHS, I cannot get to any web page outside my LAN by domain, e.g. microsoft.com, or by IP. The IE message is that it can't get to the Internet. It doesn't matter whether the site is a trusted site or not.
    6. RDP to WHS and I enter ftp://ftp.microsoft.com in IE, it connects fine.
    7. From a command prompt on WHS, I can ping sites outside my LAN with no problem, i.e. DNS is working fine on WHS.

    It seems like the router's outgoing firewall stops HTTP traffic from only WHS. If I look through the router web pages, there's nothing to indicate any restrictions on the WHS node. What I know to be unique about the WHS is the uPnP commands(?) sent by WHS to the router  The router has never been able to be configured by WHS and I have set up the port forwarding manually.

    Is there a way to tell WHS not to use uPnP? I can try unchecking uPnP in the router but the problem happens so infrequently, I'm not sure I will be able to tell if it's solved.  And maybe something else on my LAN depends on uPnP??  Any other suggestions?

    Monday, November 22, 2010 9:23 PM