System is down when installed the new SDR Ethernet Adaptor(802.11a) RRS feed

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  • I am trying to install the new version of SDR Ethernet Adapter(V1.1), but the system always got down no matter how much times I tried. Could somebody please give me some suggestions?

    (1) All the three old drivers are removed firstly, including PCIE, HW tester and SDR Ethernet Adaptor(802.11b);
    (2) Windows DDK is installed successfully and the environment variable WINDDK_ROOT is also specified correctly.
    (3) The new version of PCIE, HW tester driver are installed successfully.
    (4) Open the command line window by clicking SORA Checked Build Environment and type "bcz". After a few seconds, the following results can be seen. And SDRMiniport.sys can be found in %SORA_ROOT\target\chk_wxp_x86\i386.
    192 files complied. - 1 Warning
    13 libraries built
    4 executables built
    (5) Installing the new SDR Ethernet Adaptor. After selecting "SDRMiniport.sys" and clicking "next", system gets down and restarts at once.

    "SDRMiniport.sys" which is created by SORA Free Build Environment didn't work either.

    The detailed configuration of my computer are as follows. And my former test of SORA 802.11b is successful using this system. 
    --windows XP professional, 32bit, SP3, Chinese
    --LENOVO ThinkCenter M8200t: Intel quad core processor (Core i5)
    --4G RAM



    Wednesday, January 26, 2011 3:34 PM


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