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    I am seeing a issue while using selectincrementalchangescommand.  Here is the scenario say for example i have 2 records in a table1





    I want to sync record2 now then later record1.  However when assign record2 thru selectincrementalchangescommand it updates the updatemetadata with new timestamp thats it it will not sync record1 until i edit the record...For the workaround i am NOT updating the metadata while syncing any particular records.  Is there any best practices to handle this situation.



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  • Hi Udai,


    You cannot do that at the database level. You could possibly get all the rows that should be sent to the peer, then prior to sending them you could drop some and update the knowledge object to indicate that you are not sending all the changes. This is an advanced scenario and require good understanding of the SyncKnowledge and the return values from GetChanges() method.




    Friday, April 11, 2008 2:24 AM