Difference between Table 'AccountBase', View 'Account' & View 'FilteredAccount; RRS feed

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  • Can anyone please give the DETAILS & difference in between

    1. Table 'AccountBase',
    2. View 'Account',
    3. View 'FilteredAccount.

    All are the Table and View under MS CRM Org Sqlservr Db.


    Tuesday, April 14, 2015 6:47 AM


  • Hello ChangeFrenzoId,

    I just looked into it. I don't know the deep stuff but I'll try to explain this to you. There is a table 'AccountBase' with all the system attributes (the built in attributes for the account entity). There is also a table 'AccountExtensionBase', this table contains all the custom attributes you've made on the account entity. The view 'Account' is a merge from table AccountBase with AccountExtensionBase. The view 'FilteredAccount'  knows about your CRM permissions and will only show the records you have privileges on. The view also has joins on the option set values, name values of foreign keys,...

    Hope it helps,

    Kind regards

    Tuesday, April 14, 2015 11:18 AM