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    When I first put windows live onecare on my computer i was very happy.  It did what it said it would do, but what I need to know because this is important - why won't windows live one care work with windows defender and some other programs.  I find that windows live one card does not catch everything, I don't believe any one product would. 


    What products can work in harmony with windows live one care, I also use a program for the registry.  Since I have taken one care of the computer it seem to be running better.  But my problem is that I really liked one care in the beginning and I want to go back to it. 


    Please tell me what programs are best to run with windows live one care, because this is where i believe my problem was.  I had programs that were trying to run on my computer that were not compatible and that is why my computer slowed down. 


    The main program that I need to know about is sharing, I have to share my printer, and also if i want to add another antivisus or a registry clearning tool or a tool to speed up my computer.


    Thank you!  Help me get back to Windows live one care.



    Saturday, October 11, 2008 7:52 AM


  • It is recommended by every antivirus vendor to use only one antivirus application on a computer. Using multiple antivirus applications will cause conflicts, reduce the effectiveness of the products and significantly affect computer performance. If you feel compelled to check the competence of your installed antivirus application you should use an online scanner which is provided by many antivirus vendors.

    One Care supports printer sharing. Regarding a tool to speed up your computer, most of them are useless. The best performance gains can be had by managing your startup programs and One Care does this.


    Sunday, October 12, 2008 3:39 PM