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  • Apparently, my PC was unable to upload UPDATES when turned on and I got a  RED BALL saying to: go to HELP CENTER.  Went there and have no idea why I am there as no error was reported!  Went back and had to determine my subscription had run out, WHICH IT DIDN'T!!  In fact, got a message saying "You have 11 months more to go on this subscription" a week or so back.  (Never seen this messsage/service before).


    Live One Care is not so friendly if it does not provide errors I can work with and/or report,It requires the user to troubleshoot problem but most importantly, reports erroneously that my account isn't valid!


    Reading thru a couple other comments finds the only HELP you get here is HELP you have to research!  What happened to automated, seamless, in the background remedies that were so touted about this feature?

    Yes, I'm pissed having to waste time writting this. Does anyone have  a real voice out there who can instantly resolve this issues?

    Sunday, June 1, 2008 9:02 AM


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