Insert and Read Images from Database USing Query in VB.NET RRS feed

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  •  Hi
    I want to insert images in database (SQL Server 2005) Through VB.NET (Visula Studio 2005)
    I m using Insert Query for this Purpose Means Somethink Like
    Insert into EmployeeTable(EmployeeID,EmployeeName,EmployeeAddrress,EmloyeeContact#,EmployeeImage) Values (EmployeeID,Name,Address,Contact,Image)
    But Here is a problem image data is Byte Type
    and it is not concatenated in the Query Becoz Query Develops a string
    this is the problem
    And Can U please tell me the Proper way to Store and retrieve Image  through programming
    in VB.NET and i dont want to Use stored procedures for that purpose and
    Also Don't want to Use "command.Parameters.Add" ethos Plz Provide any Other Solution
    I m using
    Datareader instead of Dataset 
    thanks and regards,
    Thursday, January 1, 2009 6:40 AM

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