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    Several times while I was doing some intensive tasks on the internet my Tune up will just start up with no warning or notification at any time.  It is unscheduled and interfers with my performance.  Of Course, generally speaking Qwest constantly disconnects me in the middle of tasks.  But, then, I can call customer service and reach someone who obviously did not have English as their mother toungue and understands about half of what I say while I misunderstand about half of what they say.  Now I can not even cancel my Tune up, which does not need to be done or get an update which doesn't exist either btw.  I'm so glad I'm supposed to be saving money , although it seems like I'm really paying about as much as I used to with Comcast that disconnected once in over a year and their customer service spoke English.
    Friday, November 30, 2007 6:42 AM


  • When tune-up is not able to start at the scheduled time because the computer is off (the default time is once per month and overnight) it will start within a few minutes after you next start the PC. You should be able to cancel it by right clicking the tune-up icon in the system tray that will appear when it runs.

    There should be a warning before it starts, too, that offers the option to cancel or defer (though defer doesn't mean reschedule, you then need to run it manually or it will do the same thing the next time you start the PC after having missed the scheduled time.

    As for the Qwest problems with being disconnected and their support, I can't offer any suggestions there, unfortunately.




    Friday, November 30, 2007 1:44 PM