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  • As first I didn't knew where to post this Q.
    Yes, it looks for forums over the web.

    Q: Where are in Windows stored data of private characters created by Private Character Editor (EUDCEDIT)?
    I tried many forums and everywhere was told - look at exported TTE - but really - I'm not any fatal newbie in Windows and I found never TTE file, I was searching lot locations, set private path, displayed system protected files.

    When I integrate it into all fonts, I found never written All character set...
    Really I'm posting it here.
    I created in time more than 200 private characters and each reinstall (in future) it makes big task.
    Nobody knows where they're stored, I mean best match who will know answer on this Q is Microsoft forum.

    So, can anybody tell me where to find private characters to backup it?

    My suggestion for future updates of EUDCEDIT - add binary backup - like each of us knows: all is anywhere stored, only find where, is sometimes harder...

    Thank you for your patience and reading these words.


    Thursday, September 22, 2016 1:44 AM


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